Total Portfolio Return: US +58.12% SG +59.04%

October 2020 Singapore Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +59.04%, YTD = +19.13%

How was October 2020 like for Singapore market?
STI went up strongly for the first half of the month but came back down during the last half as the coming US election is spooking investors (Trump said that if Joe Biden wins, the stock market will crash) and the fear that the second wave of the COVID-19 in Europe and US would result in renewed lockdown of these countries.

How was the portfolio performance in October 2020?
Not bad. SG portfolio only fell 1.05% this month while STI ETF (SGX:ES3) which is the benchmark I used to compare fell 1.56%. A slight victory. This is because the system was already on 50% cash before the downturn started. In addition, Synagie (SGX:V2Y) was offloaded to protect a profit of +58.20%. Year-to-date portfolio return is now +19.13% while ES3 dropped to -23.71%. Total return since inception in June 2016 is now +59.04% while ES3 fell to -1.25% for the same period.

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October return:  -1.05% (vs ES3: -1.56%)
YTD return: +19.13% (vs ES3: -23.71%)
Total return since inception (since June 2016): +59.04% (vs ES3: -1.25%) 

What's DIYQuant's plan for November?
In last month's report, I mentioned that the US election risk would have impact on the stock market. Here we are still a few days before the election and the US market is already tumbling. SG market has also felt the jitters but did not fall as bad. Similar to last month, the system will maintain a NEUTRAL outlook for SG market as we move into November. We probably will only be able to have a clear idea of the market direction after the election. For the time being, cross your fingers. 

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