Quantitative Trading

DIYQuant Trading Strategy aims to achieve Abnormal Returns by making trading decisions based on analysis of thousands of stocks to construct a profitable portfolio and anticipate market movements. Performance is calculated based on absolute return.

Singapore Momentum

(as of 30th Dec 2023)

Total Return
(+45.39% for ES3 since Jun 2016)

YTD Returns
-1.41% (2023)
(+4.02% for ES3)



US Momentum

(as of 30th Dec 2023)

Total Return
(+159.48% for SPY since Jun 2016)

YTD Returns
-14.68% (2023)
(+24.29% for SPY)



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Abnormal Returns

Our quantitative trading model is designed to achieve outstanding returns without leverage by constructing a portfolio with huge upside potential and protected downside.

Market-Wide Analysis to exploit inefficiencies (MATA)

The power of modern computers allows our system to analyse thousands of stocks daily to exploit and profit from ineffieciencies in the market via our proprietary tool named MATA.

Unbiased and Emotionless

Emotions can cloud a trader's judgement. This is one of the reasons why many traders lose money. Quant system has no emotion. The unbiased decision making ensures consistency of our strategies and keeps us on the right side of the market.

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Pros of being a Member

Our subscription service aims to provide 5 major benefits to traders.
  • 1. Real trades setup

    For many of trades posted, we also have the same skin in the market. We want to be accountable and we are serious in making profit too.

  • 2. Proven track record

    The system has been generating outstanding returns since inception.

  • 3. Backtesting yields +ve Alpha

    The system is backtested with 17 years of data and yields exceptional returns

  • 4. Uncover Hidden Gems

    Find off-radar stocks with huge upside potential before they are noticed by the crowd.

  • 5. Affordable

    It only costs $20+ a month equivalent to just a meal in a restaurant

    What's in the Subscription?

    System Buy/Sell Alerts

    You will be informed whenever the system buy/sell a stock. Note: The information is provided on a general basis for information purposes only, and is not to be relied on as investment advice.

    Buy/Sell History since 2017

    Once joined, you will get full access to the system trades' buy/sell archive (via our Facebook private group)

    Weekly Porfolio Holding Report

    You will receive a weekly report of the list of stocks that the system is currently holding.

    Monthly System Performance

    Every end of month, you will receive a report of how the system performed to keep our system's performance transparent so that you know we are for real.

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