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[Watchlist] US Stocks caught Trending on System's Radar for Week of 1st Oct 2018

Here is a partial list of trending US stocks caught in the system's radar for this week grouped by sectors. The number of break out stocks in the system's watchlist has reduced meaning a market trend reversal may be coming, please start to exercise caution in your trading.

Note: These stocks are part of the system's watchlist and may or may not eventually be purchased by the system due to various reasons such as risk management, market sentiments etc. Readers are advised to do their own due diligence.

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Basic Industries: 1
Consumer Non-Durables: 1
Consumer Services: 2
Energy: 3
Finance: 1
Health Care: 1
Technology: 1
n/a: 3

Basic Industries (1)

Tick: ATI
Name: Allegheny Technologies Incorpor
Sector: Basic Industries
Industry: Steel/Iron Ore
Price: 29.549999
Volume: 1785600.0

Consumer Non-Durables (1)

Tick: GNC
Name: GNC Holdings, Inc. Class A
Sector: Consumer Non-Durables
Industry: Food Chains
Price: 4.14
Volume: 1536000.0

Consumer Services (2)

Tick: ADT
Name: ADT Inc.
Sector: Consumer Services
Industry: Diversified Commercial Services
Price: 9.39
Volume: 2296000.0

Tick: BAM
Name: Brookfield Asset Management Inc
Sector: Consumer Services
Industry: Building operators
Price: 44.529999
Volume: 1113000.0

Energy (3)

Tick: ARCH
Name: Arch Coal, Inc. Class A
Sector: Energy
Industry: Coal Mining
Price: 89.400002
Volume: 336200.0

Tick: GTE
Name: Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil & Gas Production
Price: 3.82
Volume: 1901900.0

Tick: MRO
Name: Marathon Oil Corporation
Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil & Gas Production
Price: 23.280001
Volume: 11888500.0

Finance (1)

Tick: PHH
Name: PHH Corp
Sector: Finance
Industry: Diversified Financial Services
Price: 10.99
Volume: 1139600.0

Health Care (1)

Tick: EW
Name: Edwards Lifesciences Corporatio
Sector: Health Care
Industry: Industrial Specialties
Price: 174.100006
Volume: 1939900.0

Technology (1)

Tick: JBL
Name: Jabil Inc.
Sector: Technology
Industry: Electrical Products
Price: 27.08
Volume: 2429100.0

n/a (3)

Tick: DHF
Name: Dreyfus High Yield Strategies F
Sector: n/a
Industry: n/a
Price: 3.22
Volume: 154500.0

Tick: IXJ
Name: iShares Global Healthcare ETF
Sector: n/a
Price: 62.98
Volume: 55600.0

Tick: IXP
Name: iShares Global Comm Services ET
Sector: n/a
Price: 57.880001
Volume: 8100.0

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