Total Portfolio Return: US +63.15% SG +60.73%

September 2020 Singapore Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +60.73%, YTD = +20.40%

How was September 2020 like for Singapore market?
STI was in a slow decline in September caused by the sell-off in US market especially in the tech sector. But the decline was not that great as compared to the US since Singapore market did not recover much since the crash in March. As of now it looks more like a K-shaped recovery than an L-shape.

How was the portfolio performance in September 2020?
My SG portfolio fell together with the overall market. Many of the stocks in the portfolio were sold off this month and the portfolio was getting overweight in cash. That has protected the portfolio from disaster. Currently the portfolio is sitting on more than 80% in cash, waiting for the tide to turn and the next bull trend to come. 

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This month the portfolio lost 6.78% while STI ETF (SGX:ES3) which is the benchmark I used to compare fell 2.27%.

Year-to-date portfolio return is now +20.40% while ES3 dropped to -25.50%. Total return since inception in June 2016 is now +60.73% while ES3 has only gained 0.32% for the same period.

September return:  -6.78% (vs ES3: -2.27%)
YTD return: +20.40% (vs ES3: -25.50%)
Total return since inception (since June 2016): +60.73% (vs ES3: +0.32%) 

What's DIYQuant's plan for October?
The system changed its outlook to NEUTRAL for Singapore market in September. It has not turned bearish yet. Holding more cash has protected the portfolio from further losses. Based on MATA outlook so far, it looks like October will continue to be lackluster impacted by the US market, especially because US election is coming and the market is pricing in the risk of Trump (who is pro stock market) losing the election. To know first hand where the market is heading every week, subscribe to our premium subscription package. Visit our main page to find out more.

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