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Aug 2021 SG Portfolio Performance: +32.68% ytd, +129.00% total

August was a month of 'collecting the harvest' for my SG portfolio. The market turned more volatile in August after the US Fed signalled bringing forward the time frame on when it will next raise interest rates. Many of the stocks held in the portfolio fell and hit their sell prices. Most of them were sold at a profit including multibagger Union Gas +102.40% and Del Monte +140.04%. Gains are realized and money is at hand. Overall my SG portfolio fell 7.08% in August while STI fell 3.23%. Total return for SG portfolio since inception is now +129.00% while STI is +25.16%. System has turned prudent and is hoarding around 50% cash. The Fed Chairman Jerome Powell indicated on Friday that the central bank is likely to begin tapering before the end of the year though he said rate hikes are not imminent. Still, I would expect volatility to continue for the coming month as any tapering would not be welcomed. Whatever happen in US, SG will be impacted as well. Stay vigilant and stay safe.

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