Total Portfolio Return: US +53.71% SG +25.81%

July 2019 US Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +54.81%, YTD = -8.76%

How was July like for US stock market?
Despite the great news that US and China decided to resume trade talk and that the US Fed's would be cutting rates at the end of the month by at least 25 basis points, the major indexes did not gain much (though they made new all time highs). S&P500 only rose 1.3% for the month. Apparently the hype has already been priced in the the previous month. So July was the buy the rumours sell the news kind of month.

How did the portfolio perform in July?
While the indexes rose, my US portfolio was hit hard with many false breakouts. The small caps has not been performing well as compared to the bigger caps. For the month of July, the portfolio shed 4.71%.

Total return since inception is now +54.81%.

Portfolio July return: -4.71% (vs SPY +1.51%)

Portfolio YTD return: -8.77% (vs SPY +20.11%)

Total return since inception (since June 2016): +54.82% (vs SPY +51.02%)

What is going to happen in August?
The Fed's has become more accommodative while companies' earning reports have been largely beating expectation so far. Bad news is, just a while ago, Trump tweeted that he will impose another 10% tariff on the remaining $300 billion of China goods. MATA percentage so far has been stagnant this week. I expect the market to remain muted moving into August. To get weekly updates of where the market is heading and be at the right side of the market, do subscribe to our premium service. Visit our main page to find out more.

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