Total Portfolio Return: US +54.81% SG +34.53%

April 2019 US Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +68.19%, YTD = -0.89%

How was April like for US stock market?
April was a rather good month for the US stock market with S&P500 and NASDAQ breaking new all time highs while Dow Jones is closing in on its own record high. The bull remained strong as investors are optimistic about trade talks between US and China and the earning reports of 80% of companies beat expectation. The US economy remains strong and unemployment is at all time low. For the month of April, Dow Jones made a 2.56% gain, while S&P500 gained 3.93% and NASDAQ gained 4.74%.

How did the portfolio perform in April?
My US portfolio made a slight gain of 1.27% in April. None of the stocks made huge gain and none plummet as well. Total return since inception is now +68.19%.

Portfolio March return: +1.27%

Portfolio YTD return: -0.89%

Total return since inception (since June 2016): +68.19%

What is going to happen in May?
Overall market has been bullish after the Fed's decision to refrain from rising rates this year.  However, since March, the overall market appears to have plateaued despite the indexes breaking new high  This discrepancy is something to take note as it could mean the market is going to reverse (or it could be just taking a breather). To follow closely and get weekly updates of where the market is heading, do subscribe to our premium service. Visit our main page to find out more.

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