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[Watchlist] US Stocks caught Trending on System's Radar for Week of 22nd Oct 2018

Here is a partial list of trending US stocks caught in the system's radar for this week grouped by sectors. The number of breakout stocks continues to drop and is currently dropped to 7. Similarly, it is mostly from the defensive Utilities sector. Trade with caution.

Note: These stocks are part of the system's watchlist and may or may not eventually be purchased by the system due to various reasons such as risk management, market sentiments etc. Readers are advised to do their own due diligence.


Basic Industries: 1
Consumer Services: 1
Public Utilities: 4
Transportation: 1

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Basic Industries (1)

Tick: PG
Name: Procter & Gamble Company (The)
Sector: Basic Industries
Industry: Package Goods/Cosmetics
Price: 87.300003
Volume: 30270200.0

Consumer Durables (1)

Tick: CLX
Name: Clorox Company (The)
Sector: Consumer Durables
Industry: Specialty Chemicals
Price: 152.570007
Volume: 1410100.0

Consumer Services (1)

Tick: DIS
Name: Walt Disney Company (The)
Sector: Consumer Services
Industry: Television Services
Price: 118.900002
Volume: 10428900.0

Public Utilities (4)

Tick: ATO
Name: Atmos Energy Corporation
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Oil/Gas Transmission
Price: 97.07
Volume: 347400.0

Tick: AWR
Name: American States Water Company
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Water Supply
Price: 62.279999
Volume: 210600.0

Tick: D
Name: Dominion Energy, Inc.
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Electric Utilities: Central
Price: 73.5
Volume: 4303900.0

Tick: FE
Name: FirstEnergy Corp.
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Electric Utilities: Central
Price: 38.849998
Volume: 4203600.0

Transportation (1)

Tick: GOL
Name: Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes
Sector: Transportation
Industry: Air Freight/Delivery Services
Price: 8.72
Volume: 876700.0

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