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[Watchlist] US Stocks caught Trending on System's Radar for Week of 15th Oct 2018

Here is a partial list of trending US stocks caught in the system's radar for this week grouped by sectors. As warned for several weeks already, a reversal REALLY happened. Not many stocks are breaking out given the carnage we experienced last week. If you look closely at the few stocks that are breaking out this week, they are mostly from the utilities sector. Utilities stocks are defensive. So funds are moving towards more conservative stocks. In fact, from the system's analysis, all sectors are already in a downtrend except utilities and healthcare. This is a market wide reversal and often takes a large amount of effort to reverse back uptrend. Trade carefully...

Note: These stocks are part of the system's watchlist and may or may not eventually be purchased by the system due to various reasons such as risk management, market sentiments etc. Readers are advised to do their own due diligence.

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Basic Industries: 2
Capital Goods: 1
Consumer Services: 1
Energy: 3
Public Utilities: 5
n/a: 1

Basic Industries (2)

Tick: AU
Name: AngloGold Ashanti Limited
Sector: Basic Industries
Industry: Precious Metals
Price: 9.7
Volume: 4056900.0

Tick: HMY
Name: Harmony Gold Mining Company Lim
Sector: Basic Industries
Industry: Precious Metals
Price: 2.02
Volume: 4798000.0

Capital Goods (1)

Tick: SID
Name: Companhia Siderurgica Nacional
Sector: Capital Goods
Industry: Steel/Iron Ore
Price: 2.5
Volume: 2780700.0

Consumer Services (1)

Tick: ESS
Name: Essex Property Trust, Inc.
Sector: Consumer Services
Industry: Real Estate Investment Trusts
Price: 238.61999500000002
Volume: 535200.0

Energy (3)

Tick: APA
Name: Apache Corporation
Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil & Gas Production
Price: 45.130001
Volume: 4141800.0

Tick: CXO
Name: Concho Resources Inc.
Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil & Gas Production
Price: 150.429993
Volume: 1772000.0

Tick: FI
Name: Frank's International N.V.
Sector: Energy
Industry: Oilfield Services/Equipment
Price: 8.01
Volume: 705600.0

Public Utilities (5)

Tick: AEE
Name: Ameren Corporation
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Power Generation
Price: 63.799999
Volume: 2405300.0

Tick: AM
Name: Antero Midstream Partners LP Co
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Natural Gas Distribution
Price: 32.880001
Volume: 982000.0

Tick: BT
Name: BT Group plc American Depositar
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Telecommunications Equipment
Price: 15.5
Volume: 1150600.0

Tick: CIG
Name: Comp En De Mn Cemig ADS America
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Electric Utilities: Central
Price: 2.85
Volume: 7036200.0

Tick: CWT
Name: California Water Service Group
Sector: Public Utilities
Industry: Water Supply
Price: 40.48
Volume: 151800.0

n/a (1)

Tick: UVXY
Name: ProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short
Sector: n/a
Price: 52.220001
Volume: 20167200.0

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