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#3 most profitable stock in US portfolio NYSE:ASC just got offloaded for +190.77% profit

Before the system invested in this stock, I have never heard of it before. Ardmore Shipping Corporation (ASC) engages in the seaborne transportation of petroleum products and chemicals worldwide. During the market downturn that started at the beginning of 2022, the general market was in a steady decline as the Feds turn aggressive in its rate hiking plan. While we were seeing blood on the streets, this stock skyrocketed throughout the duration of the overall market weakness. I'm not sure what was the news behind or fundamentally what is great about this stock, but looking at the chart, this stock has started an uptrend at the beginning of 2022 and continued until now (the system is good at unearthing hidden gem like this that nobody heard of)

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System gave a signal on 3rd Mar 2022 and I entered a position at 4.55. It rode the uptrend until recently when the trend began to reverse. System gave a sell signal on 12 Jan 2023 and I unloaded at 13.23 for a whopping multi-bagger profit of +190.77%. That is how my US portfolio managed to garner a double-digit return in 2022 while the indexes were having double digit losses. By the way, I did share subtly about this stock in one of the previous post. So far, this is the #3 most profitable stock in the US portfolio. You can check out the top 10 stocks the system has given so far here.

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