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Moya Asia (SGX:5WE) +45.90% profit (realized)

 Best trade so far this year despite the weak and choppy market due to the interest rate hike. Glad that, in such a market, system still manage to come out will a half bagger, thanks to the potential privatization of the company

System gave a buy signal on 12 Aug 2022 and I entered at 0,061. After the privatization news, the price immediately jump up to 0.089. It was sold on 19 Sep 2022 for a total profit of 45.90%. Some say I should have hold until payout at 0.092 which may take months. But system doesn't like stagnant stocks. It is better to get the cash and invest in something else to get higher turnaround and more profits.

Here are the trade logs.

Buy order:

Sell order:

We have another 3 more months to go. Hopefully there will come a multibagger by the end of the year. Check out my past multibagger stocks here

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