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Oct 2021 SG Portfolio Performance: +30.41% year-to-date, +124.78% total

After 10 months, my system's Singapore portfolio year-to-date return managed to maintain above 30%, thanks to some of the big whale stocks that went multibagger like PropNex +185.67%, Del Monte +140.04% and Union Gas +102.40%. However, October return for SG has been quite muted at -0.415% as the portfolio started the month heavily in cash due to the previous month's market weakness. It has loaded on a few stocks such as iFast (SGX:AIY) and Geo Energy (SGX:RE4) but they didn't manage to trend. STI on the other hand rebounded strongly nearing the end of the month probably because Singapore is opening up its travel to many more countries. Portfolio year-to-date return is standing at +30.41% while ES3 (STI ETF) returns +11.27%. Total return since inception is now +124.78%. ES3 returned +30.19% for the same period. 

On the other hand. my system's US portfolio continue to rise in October along with the indexes despite being heavily in cash. Year-to-date return went up to +40.20% while benchmark SPY rose  +24.03%. A few stocks in the portfolio continue to skyrocket. Hopefully I can maintain such return until the end of the year. Check out the main page to know the system's full performance details.

Now based on my system's market sentiments analysis (MATA), I am getting mixed signals again. The overall market sentiments appears weak but the indexes are rising. Now the hot topic is about inflation and there are pressures on the Fed to tame it by tapering and rise interest rates earlier than planned. Rising rates are not good for stock market. But will the Santa rally be able to compensate for it. So far, my system's take is to keep more cash at hand. I always listen to my system.

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