Total Portfolio Return: US +85.10% SG +72.36%

Performance Report (SG) for Year 2020 +29.11%. Overall +72.36%

Finally, it is cast in stone. Here is my SG portfolio return for the year 2020. 

2020 return: +29.11% (vs ES3 -10.14%)
Total return since inception (June 2016) +72.36% (vs ES3 +16.32%)

It is the second best year so far since the system went live in 2016. This year, the portfolio managed to beat SGX:ES3 (the STI ETF set as my benchmark) by a whopping 40%! Take note this portfolio comprises purely of Singapore stocks. You can check my previous posts for the cause of the huge difference. Basically, the quantitative trading model managed to predict the impending rout and cashed out before the market took a dive in March and then rode the market up from the bottom in June when the situation improved.

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As I wrote in one of my previous post, year 2020 was an unprecedented year. A lot of things were unexpected. Initially, I thought it was a year of doom and gloom due to the COVID-19 outbreak - stock markets were crashing all over the world at the beginning of the year, people fighting over toilet rolls and instant noodles, it became mandatory to wear masks the moment we step out of the house etc. Things took a turn for the better nearing the end of the year as the vaccines were found and governments throughout the world were giving out hefty stimulus to support their economies. The situation looks to be improving. Let's hope that the year 2021 will be much better. Happy 2021!!!

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