Total Portfolio Return: US +63.21% SG +62.49%

July 2020 Singapore Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +62.49%, YTD = +21.72%

How was July 2020 like for Singapore market?
SG market was rising steadily in the fist week of July as Singapore close in to the election day. It is definitely the GE effect as subsequently, after the election ended, STI was in a decline for the rest of the month. Then, on Wednesday MAS calls on Singapore banks to pay reduced dividends to shareholders to buffer capital during Covid-19 crisis. This sent the 3 bank stocks on a sell-off yesterday which in turn dragged down STI (after all STI is heavyweight on the 3 local backs), ending the month in the reds.

How was the portfolio performance in July 2020?
My SG portfolio continued its run up in July. after its outstanding +22.16% gain in June. Though not that high, July return was a gain of +5.72%. It was a month of reaping the harvest. The system gave sell signals for most of the health care stocks (eg Medtecs (SGX:546) +130.91%Singapore eDev (SGX:40V) +33.33%, Perennial Holdings (SGX:40S) +35.97%turning unrealized gains to realized ones. There are a few others which I can only share with my subscribers. STI ETF (SGX:ES3) which is the benchmark I used to compare fell 2.08% for the month.

Year-to-date portfolio return rose to +21.72%  while ES3 is still in the red at -19.55%. Total return since inception in June 2016 is now +62.49%. while ES3 has only increased 4.14% for the same period.

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June return:  +5.72% (vs ES3: -2.08%)
YTD return: +21.72% (vs ES3: -19.55%)
Total return since inception (since June 2016): +62.49% (vs ES3: +4.14%) 

What's DIYQuant's plan for August?
The overall SG market has weakened a little moving into August but based on the system MATA analysis, there are still some support holding the overall market despite the weakening bank stocks. We will have to see if the weakness can break this support in August.  To know first hand where the market is heading every week, subscribe to our premium subscription package. Visit our main page to find out more.

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