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Finally Discharged but I Missed the SG Bull Wagon


  • This is a post about crying missed boats
  • Some of the stocks in the Singapore Momentum Portfolio that I missed: Rex Intl, Penguin Intl etc
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Finally discharged from hospital and returned to my 'mainframe computer' to begin trading again. After running my Market-Wide Trend Analysis (MATA), I realize I missed a short bull run that has started in early September in Singapore market. Well, things happens and I know I shouldn't be crying over missed boat. Anyway here are some of the stocks that I missed out.

Singapore Momentum Portfolio

SGX:5WH (Rex Intl)
Entry: 0.100 on 25/10/19
Current: 0.184
Gain/loss: +84.00%

This is the one that pained the most. This one stock alone could have turn the tide for the whole portfolio.

SGX:BTM (Penguin Intl)
Entry: 0.565 on 23/09/19
Current: 0.765
Gain/loss: +35.40%

Penguin Intl gave me a 10% profit in June. In September it was back in action again rising 35%.

SGX:QS9 (G Invacom)
Entry: 0.155 on 01/10/19
Exit: 0.170 on 14/11/19
Gain/loss: +9.96%

A short term position but could have returned 9.96%. The system managed to detect the trend reversal and exited promptly.

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