Total Portfolio Return: US +63.19% SG +33.49%

June 2019 US Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +62.48%, YTD = -4.25%

How was June like for US stock market?
US indexes experienced one of the greatest June rebound this year, with Dow Jones rallied 7.2% notching its best June performance since 1938. S&P500 recorded best first half of the year, soaring 17.3% to reach an all time high. NASDAQ rose a whopping 7.4% for the month. The market went into hyperdrive after news that President Trump and President Xi will meet for trade talk during the G20 summit and that Federal Reserves' Jerome Powell hinted on a rate cut coming in July. It was sell in May and go away followed by buy in June and fly to the moon!

How did the portfolio perform in June?
In May the system beat the S&P500 by shedding less than it. This month, it didn't manage to outpace the S&P500 strong rebound off its low. On the contrary, the portfolio went slightly south with a loss of 1.72% while S&P500 rallied more than 7%. The portfolio started the month with more than 90% cash and started loading up when the rebound was strengthening until it was 40% invested.

Total return since inception is now +62.48%.

Portfolio June return: -1.72% (vs SPY +7.22%)

Portfolio YTD return: -4.25% (vs SPY +18.32%)

Total return since inception (since June 2016): +62.48% (vs SPY +48.45%)

What is going to happen in July?
Based on the system's MATA analysis, US overall market has strengthened. The agreement of Trump and Xi in G20 meeting to resume trade talks offers a higher hope of trade resolution between the two superpowers. Moving into July, all eyes will be on the Fed's rate cut decision. To get weekly updates of where the market is heading and be at the right side of the market, do subscribe to our premium service. Visit our main page to find out more.

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