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March 2019 US Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +65.73%, YTD = -2.35%

How was March like for US stock market?
For the month of March, all 3 major indexes ended in the positive territory despite increased concerns over the dim global economic outlook specifically in Europe and China as well as the inversion of the closely watched 3-mth to 10-yr Treasury bill. Investors cheered the Fed's decision to refrain from hiking the rates for the year. Dow Jones posted of a monthly gain 0.05%, S&P500 1.79% and NASDAQ 2.61%. For the first quarter of 2019, the major indexes have recorded gains of between 11% and 17%, their best stretch since 2009.

How did the portfolio perform in March?
My US portfolio has did not perform well in March as one of the stock in the portfolio (VHI) plummet 30% in a single day due to bad earnings. Fortunately once gain, position sizing saved the portfolio from disaster as only a small portion of the capital is allocated to each stock. The portfolio ended the month with a loss of 5.25% while SPY rose 1.81%. Total return since inception is now +65.73%.

Portfolio March return: -5.25%

Portfolio YTD return: -2.35%

Total return since inception (since June 2016): +65.73%

What is going to happen in April?
Overall market has been bullish after the Fed's decision to refrain from rising rates this year. As mentioned  in last month's report, the uptrend would remain strong and continue into March. True enough, that was what happened. However, moving into April, the bull appears to be weakening. As of now, it is not clear if this weakening will result in a reversal downward or the bull is just taking a breather. To follow closely and get weekly updates of where the market is heading, do subscribe to our premium service. Visit our main page to find out more.

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