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February 2019 Singapore Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +37.87%, YTD +0.34%

How was February like for Singapore market?
Singapore stock market started the month strong, spurred by the Chinese New Year rally and the rally in the US stock market. Investors were also optimistic that a trade deal will be struck between US and China. However, the market made a reversal nearing the end of the month as weak data from China economy dampened investors' mood and the abrupt end of the US-North Korean Summit increased risk in the trade negotiation between US and China. STI ended the month with a slight gain of 0.71%.

How was the portfolio performance in February?
My system's SG portfolio made a slight loss of 0.30% this month due to the market reversal nearing the end of the month. Total return since inception fell slightly to +37.87%.

February return: -0.30% (ES3: +0.85%)

Total return since inception (since June 2016): +37.87%.

What's going to happen in March?
System has turned bullish in February. Despite the little reversal at the end of the month, it still maintains its bullishness at the moment. With the US stock market still going strong, I would expect to see SG market continue to march north in the month of March. To know where the market is heading every week, subscribe to our subscription package. Visit our main page to find out more.

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