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October 2018 US Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +75.69%, YTD = +0.82%, Q4 = -6.20%

This year, October lived up to its name once again for being the most notorious month for stock market sell off. Fuelled by the rising treasury yield and impact of trade war, all three major US indices went south for the month. Dow Jones fell 5.07%, S&P500 fell 6.94% and NASDAQ plunged 9.20% into correction territory.

My US portfolio was not spared the carnage as well. For the month of October, the portfolio return dropped 6.20% as some of the stocks in portfolio hit their stop losses. BVX was stop out with a profit of 61.49% after falling off the 100% return mark (check out this post).

Portfolio October return: -6.20%

Q4 return: -6.20%

YTD return: +0.82%

Total return since inception (since June 2016): +75.69%

The system has turned cautious for the outlook of the US market. There are definitely damages done after the sell-off. Hence the system prefers a large cash level for now. With uncertainties surrounding the coming mid term election and G20 meeting, I am expecting more volatility in November. Hopefully we can end the year in a positive note despite all the uncertainties.

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