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Apr 2021 Singapore Portfolio Turned Multi-bagger +106.07%

Finally, it is here, a multi-bagger portfolio. It is not just a multi-bagger stock in which there are several in the past few years. It is the doubling of the initial capital that I put into my system's Singapore Momentum strategy. And it is purely a SG stocks portfolio, not including my US stocks or Cryptos or other riskier and more volatile instruments (btw my US Momentum portfolio also hit 100% this month, check out my main page). If you look at the chart above, you can see that the portfolio's return was rising steadily in the past 1 year despite the ongoing pandemic bear market in Singapore. This is because the system managed to catch some rising healthcare stocks like Medtecs and also rode the recovery wave until today. Currently I am also holding several high profit stocks. One of them is PropNex which I have shared in this post.

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Another achievement that is more quantitative related is that I managed to maintain the portfolio with a beta of 0.49 so far. That means that the portfolio is half as volatile as the index that I used for benchmarking (or at times move in the opposite direction) which is STI ETF and yet the return is more than 3x that of STI.

Below is the breakdown of the returns for the past few years compared to the benchmark STI ETF (SGX:ES3).

After these few years of performing quant investing, I realized that apart from having a strategy with an edge, consistency is very important. There are many noise in the news and social medias that would steer me to take the opposite direction. So I give myself a pat in the back for the job well done in being able to 'see it through' up till now.

Ok enough of the celebration, here is the monthly report for April 2021 for SG portfolio. 

April return: +7.10% (vs ES3: +1.73%)
YTD return: +19.56% (vs ES3: +11.16%)
Total return since inception (since June 2016): +106.07% (vs ES3: +30.07%) 

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